Payment Gateway

The VePay PGX is a flagship technology offering for the Emerging Payment gateway companies, banks, & Fintechs. The VePay PGX enables modern Tech oriented API Services-led, enterprise-level payment acquiring & processing platform.

We enable

  • Rule based Payment acquiring & processing.
  • Payment via Dynamic links, QR code and Payouts.
  • Pre-stitched in 50+ payment providers with Payment orchestration.
  • Bring white Label offerings for your merchants.
  • In-built Tokenization & compliance to regulatory and PCI standards.
  • Bank grade application Security.
  • Automated Recon and Settlements.
  • Mapped workflow for your business and operational teams.
  • A 360 degree view of your business Performance.

Payment Orchestration

The Vernost VePay offers a dynamic payments orchestration platform that optimizes payment service delivery against parametrized business revenue. The platform is a Nett Margin optimizer for large payment processors, payment companies & large Government institutions.

It enables

  • Optimized Payment and Service Performance.
  • Profitable Route routing.
  • Rule based switching between payment pipelines.
  • Pre-stitched in 50+ payment providers with Payment orchestration.
  • A 360 degree view of your Nett Margin Optimized Performance.

Secure Tokenization

The VePay Vevault is Secure Tokenization Platform for storing card/ user information, with PCI DSS & Regulatory Compliances. Businesses that operate high-scale, secure, compliant solutions for the purpose of Privacy, session management, obfuscation & Card information storage would be immensely benefitted.

It enables

  • Store and manage multiple session / user tokens across issuers and acquirers.
  • Supports interoperability across multiple payment gateway.
  • Highly scalable APIs-first platform.
  • Support for all major banks and card networks.

Card Linked Offers

The VePay VeCloe is a dynamic runtime Offers platform at the Checkout page. VeCloe optimizes customer intent & helps influence select the payment instrument. The platform is a great Payment Uptake and User conversion driver for e-commerce companies, large payment processors & payment companies.

It enables

  • Enables value / customer / basket/ rule based targeted offers at the checkout page.
  • Also deployable at an orchestration level. Enables operator to drive the selection of PG based on offers.
  • Offers Partnerships with 1000+ Brand merchants in India/ globally.
  • A 360 degree view of your Offers Performance.

Standalone Wallets

The VePay VeWallet is a Wallet platform that operates in Open, Closed & Semi-closed loops. This platform stores and manages Currency or Points value. The Businesses can launch their own wallets, cards & points to patronize their own currencies.

It enables

  • Automated ledger entries for all wallet transactions.
  • Payment System Interface for open / semi- closed loop wallets.
  • Single Store of Value with Tokenized interactions.
  • Automated Reconciliation & Statements.
  • Secure Standards & Regulatory Compliant.

Card Control App

The VePay CardSentinel is an ultralight weight mobile PWA that allows banks/ corporates to fast-launch a mobile app with all bank grade security, tokenization, privacy and controls. The app enables quick-access Card Controls, Service Request, Promote, Update & notification for its users.

It enables

  • Card Controls for limits, sub-cards, location & transaction type.
  • Digital service requests for card loss, replacement, hotlist etc.
  • Acquire, Upsell, Cross-sell financial products.
  • No dependency on Play/App Stores for Updates.
  • Integrated as services with your core platform.
  • Ancillary options for bill Payments, Discounts & Rewards.

Giftcard Issuance

The VePay VeGifter platform enables Gift Card issuance. Using this platform, businesses with regulatory approval can create, launch, manage & distribute Gift Cards electronically. Ideal for Companies wanting to issue Gift Vouchers for their own Brands or as a Platform offering for other brands.

It enables

  • Configurable value, expiry & usage of Gift Cards.
  • Seamless on-the-Fly Card Issuance.
  • Secure Online Gift Card Activation.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Secure Standards & Regulatory Compliant.

Pay by Points

The VePay MilesPass is a Pay-by-Points solution for Merchant POS operators & Card Networks. The solution enables to accept Points + Card transactions on their terminals or Network, thus offering additional avenue for user payments.

It enables

  • Integrated SDK for POS acquiring terminals.
  • Seamless Points + Card transaction for the user.
  • Points value settlement.
  • Comprehensive list of Global Points partners.

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